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the RED philosophy

Rare Edition Designs was born from a desire to offer something more soulful than just a product. Something that blurs the line between art and function, that can be appreciated for both its great design, and its artisan roots. 

The entire RED collection is made using limited edition textiles by designer Sarah Martin. All designs are hand screen printed here in NZ - giving each piece its own unique variations and imperfections - authenticating it as 'handmade'. The collection includes stunning designer cushions, as well as gorgeous rich leather handbags and wallets.

Making everything on a limited edition basis means that when you come across a special find from RED, its remains just that! Most designs will have a limited print run of 100 or 150 metres before being archived. So, when you buy a RED product you can be confident that not only is it designed and made with heart, but you won’t see it everywhere you go – it will be genuinely ‘rare’.

Operating from idyllic and inspirational Queenstown, Rare Edition Designs is a unique artisan accessories business that has a strong appreciation of both great design and the environment. That's why we print using only water-based, solvent-free inks onto our beautiful quality base cloths which are sourced from textile mills around the world. Rich hemps, linens and cottons add a natural warmth to the printed items and soften gracefully over time. 

Whether it’s a unique gift for someone special, or a personal indulgence that warms your own heart, RED accessories are original, limited edition classics.



about the designer

Accessories_Designer_Sarah_.jpgSarah Martin studied art and design in Sydney, Australia. Always having a strong pull towards textiles, her design studies progressed in that direction as did her experimentation with hand screen printing.

Wanting to create artisan products of the highest quality, Sarah spent a significant amount of time sourcing gorgeous base fabrics, refining printing techniques and designing truly contemporary classics.

Her original prints are inspired by a strong appreciation of the world around her, and her own unique perspective on design. Sarah believes that all of our lives should be filled with objects that bring us visual and emotional joy. Whether it’s a stunning designer cushion for your lounge, or a rich and indulgent ladies handbag, the objects we include in our lives make a statement about who we are.

Sarah's unusual and different designs offer an opportunity for true personal expression. She wants each of her pieces to be loved, used, worn or shown in its own unique context - with its owners distinct style creating the overall effect.

As trends come and go, you can be confident that an original Sarah Martin accessory will live on through its uniqueness and beauty.







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