interior lighting as a design statement

Designer_Interior_Lighting.jpgLighting is often an afterthought when we build or renovate, and as a result we often miss the opportunity to not only make a real design statement, but we also fail to fulfil our actual lighting needs.

Our homes fulfil many functions - work, play, rest - and each of these activities will likely require a different lighting solution. It not just about beautiful designer home accessories, its about making our space ideal for the living that goes on within it.

With a little bit of design inspiration and consideration you can optimise the lighting in your interior space:
  1. Think about lighting early - consider how you intend to live/work in a space. Ensure that you think about things like task lighting as well as decorative opportunities. There is no point in having it all looking gorgeous and glam, if you can't cook, read, work or relax with it!
  2. Consider using pendant light fittings to help define a space - we often live in large open plan spaces in our modern homes. This can result in a wonderful sense of space, but it can also mean that individual rooms lack definition. Pendant light fittings centred over a living or dining area clearly define the space and help to ‘create a room’.
  3. Take your decorating to the ceiling! – we often decorate to furniture height, but why not use your ceiling space as well. Particularly if you have a large sloping ceiling – use that space to add texture, colour and pattern. Often-times we default to recessed down lights for their simplicity and practicality. But there is no need to stop there - you can have down lights as well as other ceiling light solutions such as hanging pendants. Take your decorating beyond cushions and curtains and head north!
  4. Introduce lots of flexible lighting – lamps are a wonderful way to bring warmth and interest to a room. A simple or plain base topped with a gorgeous designer fabric lampshade is a wonderful decorative touch. Lamps, whether floor lamps or tabletop lamps give you flexible lighting as well as being a design statement.
  5. Define your own style – everything that we include in our homes makes a statement about who we are. This includes unique light fittings and fixtures. Lighting creates a gorgeous glow which immediately attracts the eye and draws attention, so capitalise on the opportunity to create a focal point with your lighting.
  6. Fabric lampshades - every fabric glows a little bit differently depending on the openness of the weave and the weight/thickness of the yarn - even a plain fabric shade can add great warmth and richness - bringing an additional design element to your space. Original and unique textiles (such as hand printed fabrics!) made into a custom size or shape of lampshade become the ultimate ‘functional artwork’ – a statement piece that blurs the line between art and function.
  7. Consider employing a lighting consultant/specialist – they have the skill and expertise in all aspects of lighting and can advise you about alternatives. Also remember that electricity can be dangerous, always use a qualified electrician were necessary.
Remember that the mood of any interior space comes from all of the elements that we incorporate into the room – our furniture, our accessories and our choice of lighting, so don’t waste the opportunity to add another unique design element to your space.

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